0}'.9Triggers collection members must be of type EventTrigger.QThe application cannot be deployed because it is not trusted and possibly unsafe.Trust Not Granted'Two-way binding requires Path or XPath.4Unexpected Type Id {0}. Type IDs must be sequential.MCannot change property metadata after it has been associated with a property.V'{0}' type must implement IAddChild to be used in FrameworkElementFactory AppendChild.%Must specify type name and namespace._Conversion by ValueSerializer failed because no value serializer could be found for Type '{0}'.Cannot perform operation.RA PageFunction without Content must either initiate a navigation or call OnReturn.%'{0}' BamlNodeType is not recognized.%Unable to convert to Int32Collection.Cannot locate resource '{0}'.Undefined HighlightAnchor.@Value of Container must be type IUndoService or IParentUndoUnit..UndoManager is already attached to some scope.ECannot add nonparent undo unit when there is no open IParentUndoUnit.5Cannot close undo unit because no opened unit exists.KThis method can only be called while UndoService.State == UndoState.Normal.,Cannot use UndoService while it is disabled.;Cannot Reopen undo unit while another unit is already open.:Cannot add undo unit to itself or one of its own children.+Cannot open undo unit that is already open.Cannot modify locked unit.XCannot close unit. Cannot find unit as open unit in this ParentUndoUnit or its children.4Cannot Reopen undo unit that is not on top of stack.,Cannot Undo or Redo while undo unit is open.,Unexpected attribute '{0}' in element '{1}'.*Unexpected collection change action '{0}'.;Parameter is unexpected type '{0}'. Expected type is '{1}'.Expected {0} property, got {1}.Expected {0}, got {1}.+'{0}' ValueType is not valid for Condition.-'{0}' ValueType is not valid for DataTrigger.E"{{{0}}}{1}" element found. Expected fixed page element ({{{2}}}{3}). "Found unknown BAML record {0}".!Container is unrecognized format.wThe application cannot be deployed because of an unknown error. Contact the application publisher for more information. Unknown Error;Unrecognized integer index type. Stream might be corrupted.Unmatched bracket '{0}'.